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"Receiving, amplifying and modulating the frequencies of the vibrations of all bodies, we shall be able to listen tomorrow to the murmur of diamonds and flowers - as we listen today to the song of the sea and the forest." Futurist Radio Manifesto (Marinetti and Masnada 1933)

Although the sound of diamonds and flowers cannot be heard directly by the human ear, through technological aids and algorithms, physical objects are modeled or scanned in three dimensions, and this digital geometric data is then played back using algorithms that unite the sources of sound and image, modulating either element while linking them all. A reverse oscilloscope is used to force the geometric coordinates of a 3D object into an acoustic waveform, so that you can see what you hear and hear what you hear while being enveloped in audio and video. In line with this logic, a ghost of a party country is materialized to listen to his voice.


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